Children’s Classes

We specialize in helping teach young people learn a foreign language.  Teaching children is different than adults. In my experience children are the best language learners out there. Children are constantly learning new things, their entire life is dedicated to learning about the world around them. Because of this, children have an advantage when it comes to learning languages. They are used to learning new words, new phrases and new pronunciations.

The key is to keep them motivated and inspired. The listen and mimic our native accents and if they start classes at a young enough age, it is possible that they speak with a native accent when they reach adulthood. We keep them interested with games, storybooks and outdoor activities. Depending on the child’s level, the entirety, or the vast majority of the class is held in the foreign language of your choice.

As with all of our activities, we offer children’s classes in English, Spanish or Basque.

25€/1h – 35€/1h30min.
Everything is better together! Have your friends join and make class more enjoyable (and cheaper)!
Groups of two: 15€/h per person per hour
Groups of three: 12€/h per person per hour
Groups of four or five, 10€/h p.p –Get together with your friends, learning is better TOGETHER

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