Unique Experiences

We offer so much more than just classes, we offer experiences! Are you tired of learning languages in a classroom? Are  you new to Bilbao or just passing through and want to locals to show you around? Try out our unique experiences!

Unique experiences are cultural activities we arrange for individual people or small groups. They can be anything from hiking up Pagasarri to enjoying pintxos in the casco viejo to a day trip to San Sebastián or the La Rioja wine country. Everything is of course done in the language of your choice, English, Spanish or Basque.

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La Rioja Wine Tasting.

Let us take you on a trip through the beautiful rolling hills of La Rioja. This region is famous for their world renowned wine, but they know a little something about food as well. We have personal relationships with local wineries and would be happy to take you along. We drive, you taste and do it all in the language of your choice.

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Learn how to make local pintxos.

The Basque Country is home to some of the most talented and world renowned chefs in the world. Let some locals show you their tricks of the trade, all while learning a new language at the same time.

A local Athletic de Bilbao soccer match.

We know where to take you before and after the match to get the full experience. Leave the tickets and organizing to us, just go, enjoy the game, all while learning a language

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Experiences in English: Designed for native Basque and Spanish speakers who want to improve their English. The ideal student has a basic knowledge of English and is looking for a fun and enjoyable way to practice, knock the rust off as we say in English.

Experiences in Spanish or Basque: Designed for anybody who wants local experiences in the local language. Activities are incredibly flexible as we design the classes around your schedule and desires.

This is by no means a complete list, contact us and we will design a unique experience just for you.

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